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I'm a programmer with experience in web software, both back- and front-end components. I'm cozy with SQL, java, javascript/jquery, and web pages.

I was always into art growing up. I've got an insatiable creative itch. When I took my first programming course in college just to try it out, I found that programming scratches that itch, and I've been doing it ever since.

From my programming work experience so far, I've found that my strengths play to improving and polishing an existing product, to improving processes, and to putting things in context of the big picture. When unleashed I can take an ok project and make it great.


Programmer - Inovar, Inc

Worked on developing internal production management & tracking software.

Created the new Shipping module, providing 80%-90% time savings over the old Shipping module on tasks for multiple departments.

Wrote the bug tracker, and integrated module-specific details, like serial and work order numbers, when logging bugs from certain modules. Kept on top of addressing and fixing bug reports.

Created several smaller modules, and improved several others. Refactored older modules to be more efficient and user-friendly, as well as easier for devs to maintain.

Programmer - CleanTelligent Software

Developed the CleanTelligent web app. CleanTelligent creates cloud-based organizational software used by janitorial companies around the world. CleanTelligent has been around for about 10 years, and is the leader in its niche.

Involved in redesigning the web app's user interface and appearance. Added new features, such as distributing the new Bidding & Estimating templates to customers, with each customer able to customize the templates to their needs. Fixed a lot of bugs, both customer-found and internally-discovered.

Upgraded the old bug/task tracking tool which only met the most basic needs, and added features to it to make it work far better for the Programming and QA departments. Core management would also take advantage of the additions every week to help decide what projects to focus on. Integrated the tool into the automated deploy process, saving programmers' time and reducing the number of human steps in the development process.

Graphic Designer - CleanTelligent Software

Created visuals for all company advertisements. Updated the web pages for the front-end site. Created several flash ads, including some with actionscript code.

Designed the company trade show booth. This booth was the third-most-popular at ISSA 2011, with #1 and #2 offering free beer, and attracted several new clients.

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